As most people know, I speak English very fluently. However, it is not my first language. My offical first language was [DATA MISSING] but I forgot how to speak it now but can still understand it. So here are languages I learn random phrases over the years and are trying to learn it. Some are fictional, most are useful, but some is pointless fun. Yes, I incorperate this into my everyday speech....quite a bit, actually.


Yes, Latin. I don't care if it is a dead language. I just want to learn it, okay buddy? Veni, vidi, vici, excelsior!


Ja, I learn a few German phrases over time. Why I want to learn this? Well, German language helps my German accents. Danke.


Da, same reason as German, and in addition, it is fun to pronounce...sometimes.


Kon'nichiwa! Romaji is at a point where I can read them okay, but still can't read characters. Will try that soon...somehow. Why I want to learn this language? Well, it is closer to Latin than Chinese because of a bunch of borrowed words. Also, I want to watch Anime (yes, I watch anime) without reading subs all the time!


This, is just for fun, ner vod!