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A 2.1 meter tall Epicanthix mercenary and a hitman for, but not limited to, the CIS and Hutt Space. Grew up in a Yakuza-like environment, he became involved in the gangster lifestyle. When the life of being a thug proved less profitable than he thought, he seeks out to be a merc for hire in the greater galaxy, with the CIS employing his skills to intimidate opponents or remove any "resistance." He utilizes the Zeltron's Kiss as his primary weapon. Uniquely, Dromak dislikes the usage of blasters due to its complex, electrical nature but isn't hesitant to use one in combat situations, where he uses the 'Kiss's under-barrel blaster almost as a primary weapon. His attire of choice is thick, fireproof fabric overalls over his casual silk suit - that he put a high value on - instead of robust plate armor. He also often dons an armorweave tactical vest to hold his arsenal and extra rounds for his slugthrower. In addition, the vest includes a built-in long distance comms antenna that is hooked up to his throat microphone and earpiece. Dromak is trained in two tiers of Echani martial arts, granting him a profound skill in hand-to-hand combat, although he remained unable to match the prowess of a life-long Echani devotee that have learned all three tiers.

  • Droid Companion: Twenty-Questions "Twenquest" (ASP-series labor droid)
  • Vehicle: Blind Swine (Wayfarer-class transport)

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