No, this page isn't about my self. Well, not me as a Wikia user anyway. This page is more about my Role-Playing self.

During any of my RP sessions, I have kept some the things consistant: Anakin is always a Skywalker-Fett clone, always recieved elite ARC training, Force sensitive, and use lightsabers as well as blasters.

First VersionEdit

Anakin Skyobiliviator HUD
The first version was created for my first RP wiki: Star Wars: The Galactic Commands. At that time, I still use MS Paint to make my pictures, which means my creation was very limited. As a result, the ideal picture was never created (I was planning to mix Fett and Skywalker's faces together). So what I had to settle with was a HUD, which I took from Republic Commando game. This first version weapon of choice is duel wielding blaster pistols. The lightsaber - in verbatim

"Anakin's lightsaber is a unique for its kind. Within the hilt contained seven crystal chambers. The surrounding six crystals are crimson and when applied energy, creates a beam that is traveling to a center focal point, very much like a tributary beams in a superlaser. In that center is the central crystal chamber containing a large blue crystal. The output is a powerful violet blade that gave a random energy surges when least expected. Energy surges upon the time the red energy beams come in contact with the blue crystal. These surges can the blade to give off lethal arc of energy. If made contact with an object during the surge, the energy will travel over the distance of seven meters on a conductive surface.

The lightsabers also acts like a Sith red crystal in the way it interacts with hatred and other dark side emotions. If enough hatred is applied per blow, it has a chance of actually "break" other lightsaber blades, or short circuit them.

But the advantages, the lightsaber has the nauseating habit of extreme aftershock after deactivation. Whenever the weapon was shut off, the handle get supercharged for a split second. During the time frame, powerful bolts of electricity flows through the body, stunning any untrained hands."

The armor was equally described to be powerful:

"Anakin's armor was quite one of a kind armor, advance over the most sophisticated armor of the time. The exterior is identical to those of the ARC trooper's armor, along with every of its functions. Beneath the exterior, contain the armors found only in the Clone Commando Katarn-Class Commando armor including bulit-deflector shield and specialized HUD. On the back of the armor is a multi-configuration hardpoint.For special solo missions, the hardpoint is loaded up with a turbinepack which allow Anakin to fly at astounding speed through the air and underwater, but sacrifice the ability to hover and stealth. But the turbinepack's downwash cast a horrifying shrieking noise that will send enemies running for cover. At other times, it was fitted normally with an equipment pack. For espionage missions, the hardpoint was loaded with a personal cloaking device."

Turbinepack was a personal creation that I made back then when I thought of a powerful water/air jetpack. To nerf myself, I made it loud and impossible to hover with it. The page covering the device states that:

"Turbinepacks are a variant of the more common jetpacks used by the galaxy. The propulsion unit is powered by a massive air intake that compress the air into a powerful thrust. The turbinepacks are significantly faster than jetpacks, with the take off velocity twice of that of the jumpack and flight speed that matches a swoop bike. Despite the advantages, the main disadvantage is the inability to hover like a standard jetpack. Also, the air compressor blades make an extremely loud noise. But the upside is that the noise produced resembles those of the terrifying beast shrieking form the hot air downwash that will make enemies run for cover. The prototype was used exclusively by Anakin Skyobiliviator. Soon the turbinepack was modified by Anakin himself to suit his needs for rapid and highly maneuverable needs."

The character wasn't developted any further as the wiki declines. The History was rough and very short, and far from complete. The page was only written for 20 days, last edited by me on December 26 2011.

Version 2Edit

Around 3 years later on July 7 2014 I made the character again on my second RP wiki: Star Wars Roleplaying Wiki.

Anakin Skyobiliviator
The character was developted much more extensively. I created this character with pre-planning. At the time, have replaced MS Paint with a lot more powerful Paint.NET. Also, I have gotten to like the look of the Phase I clone trooper helmet a few month earlier and I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to mix it with Mandalorian and Stormtrooper helmet?" As a result, when the wiki was made, I put all the idea into use.

Like before, I plan the armor to be powerful, so - like any Mandalorian fan - I made it out of Mandalorian Iron. (read more here). The blaster of choice is the DC-15A blaster rifle and the S-5 heavy blaster pistol. Additional ordinance include the PLX-1 rocket launcher.

Anakin's Dual-Emitter
During the time of the making, I thought up of a special lightsaber (which he use for dire circumstances) that I was pretty sure didn't exist, to which I called it "Duel-Emitter Lightsaber" which is described as:

"A design of lightsaber that Anakin designed himself, and not to be mistaken for double-bladed lightsaber. As the name implies, it is a lightsaber with two emitters, one at each end. One thing that sets it apart from their double-bladed counterpart is that the circuit only allow one blade to be generated each time. The blade always come out of the "main" emitter first and a switch allow the main emitter to deactivate an engages the secondary emitter on the "bottom" of the hilt. The same switch can be pressed again for the blade to "come back" to the main emitter.

This allows the user to maximize the unpredictability during lightsaber combat as Anakin can go from normal form into backhanding style in the matter of seconds without ever letting go of the lightsaber. Also to provide more pin-point reaction, the speed for the blade's length to extend and retract was sped up to a fraction of a time of those of standard lightsabers. Due to this functionality, the power cell is located inside the center of the hilt."

The second version also have prothetics arms which I extensively describe as

"Cybernetic Beskar Elbows, Forearms, and Hands: After crippling both of his hands in a conflict with IG-88 in 14 ABY, he replaced his upper arms with a powerful prosthetics made with carbon-alloy beskar, durasteel, and electrum. Both arms were amputated completely just above the elbow and replaced with droid-like parts in their respective place. The two high-voltage powercells located within each forearm allowed the powerful hands to pulverize duracrete at will. The elbow servos are nearly frictionless to allow fast movements and provide enough power to create a thrust that can easily match a punch of a Wookiee when the situation arises. The powercells charge over time with the help of micro inertia-energy converter or can be simply charged with a universal power socket adapter. The index and middle finger, as well as the thumb, housed a micro vibration generator which powers the retractable one centimeter "claw" phrik blades that could be extended at will in last-ditch-defense situiations. Each blade is sharpened to an exteremly fine point and the micro vibration generator makes each small "claw" a small vibroblade. When activated, a low pitch hum could be heard that turn to a "wizz" when in motion. When retracted, the hand looks like a standard metal prosthetics as it is not covered in synthskin. The majority of the casing was made from carefully crafted carbon-alloy beskar with some durasteel and electrum finish for the innards which can be seen on small gaps located in the joints. Just below the beskar platings are thin anti-ion mesh to protect against above average ion weapons and various electric attacks. Both prosthetics are made to fit snugly inside Anakin's gauntlets and armor."


I love this thing!

The prized creation that I created for the second  version is his starfighter, Torb' Kad, or Justice's Blade (in Mando'a). The ship is a representation of the collective concept that I had for a while. (read more here)


Also, new to my style, who kept most of my character I make in ANY fanon/RP single, I have made my character in a relationship, for the sake of creating a weakness for my quite overpowered character. Allara, the Arkanian Offshoot, was obviously inspired by Jarael from the KotOR comic series.

During the process of making his (very) extensive History, I created a new ideology of the Force:

"Anakin's ideology on the Force is a combination from various beliefs. On the Unifying Force perspective, he believes that there is no Light nor Dark Side of the Force as the Force's origin as a cosmic energy that weave the fabric of space and time. In addition, he believes in the Living Force's point of view of the Force residing in all living creature - as well as in inanimate objects, as taught in one holocron - and living in the moment and not by destiny, as proposed by Unifying Force. Through his trip to Korriban, he adopt the Sith teaching of drawing the power from within and from the surroundings."